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Japan Wabi-sabi Collection

Japan Wabi-sabi Collection, abbreviated [JWSC].

We want people around the world to easily enjoy the nature, beauty, culture, lifestyle, and charm of Japan.

We launched JWSC for that purpose.

Japan is a small country, but it is a country blessed with four seasons, with extreme temperature differences between spring, summer, autumn and winter, and where you can enjoy a variety of landscapes and changes in nature. Hot summer, cold winter. There are many times when the climate is very difficult to spend normally, but even in that time, I feel “wabi (sabi)” and enjoy it.

Since ancient times, various cultures have been created, including scents, textures, and sounds, as a way to enjoy the harsh nature and harsh life.

Various cultures and products that have been handed down in Japan today, such as incense ceremony, tea ceremony, pottery, and hot springs, have been handed down today through the ingenuity and great ideas and efforts of ancient people.

We would like to rediscover these “charms” that Japan is proud of, and hope that people from all over the world can easily enjoy them in their daily lives.

To everyone who likes Japan,

We will continue to develop various products and services.


Japan Wabi-sabi Collection

Musashino Ryuryudo

Creative Director Ryunosuke Sasaki

What we produce

01 Refresh anytime, anywhere

Anywhere in the world, when you want to change your mood during telework, when you want to meditate alone, or when entertaining guests.

We create products that allow you to always feel Japan and feel refreshed.

02 Excited, excited

The thrill of opening the package, the exhilaration of imagining how the gift will be received, the excitement of receiving it, and the freshness of using it.

We value experiences, including “feelings.”

03 Easy but solid

When purchasing and using it, it is difficult to use if the threshold is high.

While being conscious of easy-to-use packaging and contents, we carefully make it with attention to detail.

What we are aiming for

2023, March.

[Japan Wabi-sabi Collection] was born.

From now on, it will begin.

I feel that Japan is not feeling well at the moment.

However, if you look at Japan, you will realize that there are infinite charms and possibilities.

[I want to make Japan more energetic! ]

[I want to be happy with the charm of Japan and the world! ]


First of all, we will release products and services in the planning stage one by one.

I have a lot of ideas.

If you have any requests or messages, such as what you want, or what you want here, please send a message from [Contact].

3 months, 6 months, 1 year…

It will become a [Japan Wabi-sabi Collection] that has evolved in various ways that you cannot imagine now.