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We recommend that you spend a relaxing time while enjoying music and images along with incense. Enjoy your favorite scent along with your favorite music and video.

On this page, we will introduce you to music and video content suitable for incense time.

Cities such as Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, dynamic nature, temples, shrines, culture such as Zen, music, etc. of various parts of Japan. is introduced to You can see wonderful contents of many creators. Youtube has a lot of great content like this, so it is also recommended to search for your favorite content. In the future, we plan to increase the number of links to the content and sites of music and video creators who want to enjoy incense with this site. We are also looking forward to hearing from people who have content that they would like to see posted here (please contact us via Contact! We look forward to hearing from creators who would like to collaborate with incense).

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自然  都会  古都  アップテンポ  リラックス

★ Kyoto -Kyoto-

There are about 800 shrines and about 1700 temples in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. A playlist of video and music that conveys the traditional streets that have been alive since ancient times, beautiful scenery, and various charms.

★ Japan -Japan-

A video and music playlist that conveys the various charms of Japan’s beautiful scenery, new culture and old traditions, temples and shrines. Exciting videos featuring samurai and samurai. Enjoy!

★ Tokyo -Tokyo-

The capital of Japan, [Tokyo]. Although it is a city that constantly transmits new culture, it is a mysterious city where old cultures such as Asakusa coexist. A video and music playlist that conveys the various attractions of Tokyo, where people, information, and culture gather from all over the world.

★ Wabi Sabi – Wabi Sabi –

“Wabi” is a humble, heart that feels that simple things are tasteful. “Sabi” is the beauty that appears over time. Japanese culture and Japanese values A video and music playlist that conveys the charm of the aesthetic sense of “Wabi-Sabi” that is the source of Japan.

★ Osaka -Osaka-

[Osaka] is a city located in the west of Japan. A city of merchants that has prospered as the center of Japan’s economy and culture since ancient times. The performing arts and culture created by energetic and curious people are still disseminating a lot of information. A video and music playlist that conveys the charm of the city of Osaka.


[Nara] is an ancient city that was once the capital of Japan even before Kyoto. The imperial court has been located in this city since ancient times, and as a land where the gods live, it still has a strong power. A video and music playlist that conveys the charm of Nara, a city where tradition and culture remain strong.

★ Temples and Shrines –

Shrines and temples have been at the center of people’s lives throughout Japan since ancient times. A video and music playlist that conveys the various charms of temples and shrines in various places that have been passed down as pillars of people’s faith and life.

★Sakura – Sa-Ku-Ra –

Japan’s proud flower, [Sakura]. Cherry blossoms can be found all over Japan, and in spring they warmly welcome many people with the flowers in full bloom. A video and music playlist that conveys the charm of the cherry blossoms that create a spectacular view at each location.

★Okinawa -Okinawa-

[Okinawa] is a paradise located in the southern seas of Japan. Surrounded by beach resorts and a tropical atmosphere, this island has a variety of histories and cultures. A video and music playlist that conveys the various charms of Okinawa, such as the beautiful scenery woven by the rich nature and the unique culture of Okinawa.

★ Japanese Nature – Japanese Nature –

Although Japan is a small island country, it is long vertically, has undulating terrain, and is blessed with four seasons and abundant nature. A video and music playlist that conveys the charm of the unknown nature and scenery of various parts of Japan.

★Long program – Long Videos About Japan

Japan, Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Nara, Hokkaido, Nature, Temples and Shrines, Zen, Culture, etc. A playlist of over 30 minutes of high-quality video and music content from various YouTube videos related to Japan. For those who want to enjoy Japanese movies and culture slowly.

★ Japanese anime – Japanese anime

A playlist of animation videos and music that Japan is proud of. Old masterpieces and new works with wonderful visual beauty.

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